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Ironing Clothes – 「アイロンをかける・アイロン台」 を英語で表現

steam iron 蒸気アイロン
ex) I want a steam iron that has a sizable tank.
水用タンクの 大きな 蒸気アイロンがほしい

ex) Do I have to add water to a steam iron?
アイロンに 水を足すべきでしょうか?

iron /ˈajɚn/: a device with a flat metal base that is heated and is used to press wrinkles out of clothing
ex) Do you iron polyester with steam?

iron アイロンをかける
ex) I’m not good at ironing a shirt.
シャツのアイロンがけは 得意ではない

iron around アイロンを 動かしながらかける
ex) Iron around the buttons.
ボタンの回りで アイロンを動かして

iron /ˈajɚn/: to use a heated iron to make clothing or fabric smooth
ex) I ironed the shirt.

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ironing board アイロン台
ex) Lay one sleeve out flat on the ironing board.
袖の部分を アイロン台の上に 平らに置いて

ironing board /ˈboɚd/: a flat, padded surface on which clothes are ironed
ex) I had spent all day and made and ironing board that would slide down and swivel.

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– Wrinkles – しわ に関する表現 –

smooth out (衣類のしわ、障害などを)取り除く
ex) Smooth out the wrinkles.

ex) Smoothing out the wrinkles gives your shirt a fresh and unworn look.
しわを取り除くことによって シャツは新品のように見える

smooth /ˈsmuːð/: to make (something) smooth
ex) Let the garment cool while smoothing the wrinkles out as much as possible.

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iron out 解決する、(衣類のしわなどを)取り除く
ex) Do you think we can iron out the creases in those pants?
ズボンの折り目を アイロン掛けで 取り除けると思いますか?

ex) We haven’t been able to iron out our differences.
私たちはまだ 相違点を 解決できていない

iron out /ˈajɚn/: to remove (wrinkles) in cloth by using a heated iron
ex) She ironed the wrinkles out of the dress.

iron out /ˈajɚn/ : to find a solution to (something)
They’re trying to iron things out.
= work out their difficulties

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remove wrinkles しをを取り除く
ex) Remove wrinkles in the shirt using a steam iron.
アイロンを使って シャツからしわを取り除いて

get wrinkles out of … … のしわを取り除く
ex) Get wrinkles out of the shirt.

wrinkle /ˈrɪŋkəl: a small fold in the surface of clothing, paper, etc.
ex) I need a pair of wrinkle-free pants

wrinkle しわになる
ex) Why do clothes wrinkle?
なぜ 洋服は しわになるのか?

wrinkle /ˈrɪŋkəl/: to develop wrinkles
ex) Linen clothing wrinkles easily.

crease 折り目
ex) Using the right iron can give you a crease-free finish.
正しいアイロンを 使うことによって 折り目なしの 仕上がりが得られる

crease /ˈkriːs/: a line or mark made by folding, pressing, or crushing something (such as cloth or a piece of paper)
ex) He ironed his pants to make the creases sharp.

press 押す
ex) Press a creased line.
折り目の線の部分を アイロンで押して

press /ˈprɛs/ : to flatten or smooth out (something) with your hand, an iron, etc.
ex) He pressed [=ironed] his shirt and pants.

turn 裏返しにする
ex) Turn the shirt to iron the inside of the body of shirt.

flip over 裏返しにする
ex) Flip the piece of clothing over and iron the other side.
洋服を 裏返しにして 反対側にアイロンをかけて

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setting (機械の)設定値
ex) Select a heat level.
アイロン温度の設定を 選んでください

ex) Turn the heat dial to the setting that is most appropriate for your fabric.
アイロンのダイヤルを 洋服素材に適切な 温度設定値に セットしてください

setting /ˈsɛtɪŋ/: She just learned how to change the settings on her camera.

ex) What setting should I use to iron polyester?
ポリエステル素材には どの温度設定を 用いるべきでしょうか?

reservoir (液体を入れる)タンク
ex) The iron will heat the reservoir to generate steam.
蒸気を発生させるために、アイロンは 水タンクを 温める

reservoir /ˈrɛzəˌvwɑɚ/: a place (such as a part of a machine) where a liquid is stored
ex) The pen has a large ink reservoir.

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