Assignment – Homework – 「宿題・課題」 を英語で表現 – キッズ英会話フレーズ集


キッズ英会話 例文集 – Assignment – Homework – 「宿題・課題」 を英語で表現

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レベル:英語経験3年以上の 小学生
子供たちの 生活に密接な トピックスで 英会話 個人レッスンを進めよう! フリーカンバセーションに役立つ 語い、フレーズを掲載。 発音記号と、英英辞典の引用もあるので、日常英会話の学習にも役立ちます。

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Assignment – Homework – 「宿題・課題」 を英語で表現

子供たちの 宿題(Homework Assignment)や、学習習慣(Study Habit) についてを英語で話して見よう!

homework 宿題
ex) Students need homework to achieve good grades.
生徒たちは 良い点数を取るために 宿題が必要だ

do one’s homework 宿題をする
ex) My daughter takes 2 hours to do her homework.

get homework done 宿題を終わらせる
ex) I want to get my homework done fast.

homework /ˈhoʊmˌwɚk/: work that a student is given to do at home
ex) Please do/finish your homework.

help with homework 宿題を手伝う
ex) Parents need to help kids with homework.

help 手助けサポート
ex) Your child will need help with homework sometimes.
子供は 時々 宿題の 手伝いを 必要とするでしょう

ex) Don’t wait for your child to ask for help.
子供が 手助けを求めるまで 待たないで

help /ˈhɛlp/: to do something that makes it easier for someone to do a job, to deal with a problem, etc
ex) Get homework help from our tutors when you need it.

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check over よく調べる検査する
ex) When your child is finished, check the work over.
子供が終えたら (宿題の内容を)チェックして

check over /ˈtʃɛk/: to look at (something or someone) in a careful way to find problems, mistakes, etc.
ex) Be sure to check over each item on the list for any mistakes.

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assignment 宿題課題
ex) Elementary grade homework assignment should focus on establishing study habits.
小学校での宿題は 生徒の学習習慣を 培うことに 集中すべきだ

assignment /əˈsaɪnmənt/: a job or duty that is given to someone : a task someone is required to do
ex) The students were given a homework assignment.

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assign homework 宿題を出す
ex) Teachers will assign homework to their students on a regular basis.
先生は 生徒に 定期的に宿題を出す

assign /əˈsaɪn/: to give someone a particular job or duty
ex) Students will be assigned five books to read.


study habit 学習習慣
ex) Homework assignment can help increase the development of positive study habits.
宿題は 良い学習習慣を 築くのに 役立つ

study habit /ˈhæbət/: the behavior used when preparing for tests or learning academic material
ex) Of all the good study habits you can develop, this one is key.

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supplement 補充する
ex) Homework supplements the education that children are getting in the classroom.
宿題は 子供たちが 学校で習った 教育内容を 補充・補完します

supplement /ˈsʌpləˌmɛnt/: to add something to (something) in order to make it complete
ex) He sells his paintings to supplement his income.
= He supplements his income by selling his paintings.

struggle 苦戦する
ex) My child is struggling with math homework.
子供が 算数の宿題に 苦戦している

ex) If your child is struggling to complete homework, go and help.
子供が 宿題を終えるのに苦戦していようであれば、手伝ってあげて

struggle /ˈstrʌgəl/ : to try very hard to do, achieve, or deal with something that is difficult or that causes problems
ex) He has been struggling with the problem of how to keep good workers from leaving.

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submit 提出する
ex) Submit homework assignment to your teacher by today.

submit /səbˈmɪt/ : to give (a document, proposal, piece of writing, etc.) to someone so that it can be considered or approved
ex) Candidates interested in the position should submit their résumés to the Office of Human Resources.

homework overload 多すぎる宿題
ex) Kids who suffer from homework overload are often stressed out.
多すぎる宿題に 悩まされる子供たちは ストレスを感じものだ

overload /ˌoʊvɚˈloʊd/: to put too great a load on or in (something)
ex) Sometimes homework overload is not something that can be solved only at home.

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□ … overload … の過重負担
ex) Learn how to deal with information overload by simplifying and prioritizing.
単純化や 優先順位を付けて、情報過多に対する 作業法を学びましょう

overload /ˈōvərˌlōd/: an excessive load or amount
ex) Role overload arises when an employee is pressured with added duties and responsibilities in an organisation.

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