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Vaulting Box -「跳び箱」を英語で表現



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vaulting box 跳び箱
ex) We were tested in P.E. in jumping over a vaulting box.
体躯の時間に 跳び箱の試験 があった

vaulting box /ˈvɑːlt/: a layered wooden box that is padded with leather, used in gymnastics
ex) Remember that gym class in which you had to jump over a vaulting box and you would hit your knee on the hard wooden surface.

vault 跳び箱
ex) They will do gymnastics on the vault, bars, balance beams.
彼らは 跳び箱や 鉄棒、平均の上で、体操をする

vault /ˈvɑːlt/: a piece of gymnastic equipment that the performer has to get over.
ex) Vaulting horses are designed to be jumped over.

section (全体から分けられた)部分一片跳び箱の1段
ex) This 4 section vaulting box is designed for small gymnasts.
この4段の跳び箱は、幼い体操選手のために デザインされている

section /ˈsɛkʃən/: one of the parts that form something
ex) Vaulting box consisting of five sections, with a top part covered with synthetic leather is available with transport trolley.

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Advanced English Expressions – #1,156

trapezoid   台形
ex) Our 3-section trapezoid vault boxes are a great addition to any gymnastics program.

trapezoid /ˈtræpəˌzoɪd/: a four-sided shape that has two sides that are parallel and two sides that are not parallel
ex) We will first cover the trapezoidal vault box as it pertains to vaulting, then add to the document for other designs, shapes, orientations, and uses.

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springboard  踏み切板跳躍版
ex) Jump onto a springboard and use the momentum to bounce up towards the vault hands first.
踏み切板に 飛び乗り、最初に跳び箱に手をついて、 勢いをつけて 跳ね上がって

springboard /ˈsprɪŋˌboɚd/: a strong, flexible board that is used for jumping very high in gymnastics or diving
ex) Push down onto the springboard hard with your feet giving you enough momentum to get over the vault.

英検1級を目指す方へ – ワンランク上の 英語表現 – 2,000

Advanced English Expressions – #1,157

shoulder width 肩幅
ex) Spread the feet at or greater than shoulder-width apart.
両足を 肩幅より広く 開いて

width /ˈwɪdθ/: the distance from one side of something to the other side : a measurement of how wide something is
ex) Place your hands in the top centre of the vault, wider than hip width apart.

vault over (手や棒を用いて)飛び越える
ex) Leap over the vaulting box!

vault /ˈvɑːlt/: to jump over
ex) I was trying my best to get over a vault in the packed school gymnasium.

soften (衝撃を)和らげる
ex) Bend your knees to soften the landing and hold your arms out in front of your body, parallel to the floor for balance.

soften /ˈsɑːfən/ : to make (something) less painful, forceful, or harmful
ex) The block allows for a softer landing than a traditional cement surface.

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