Paint The Town Red – 「飲みに出かける・酒を飲んで騒ぐ」 – を英語で表現 – アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 2,000

Paint The Town Red – 「飲みに出かける・酒を飲んで騒ぐ」を英語で表現

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アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #1,017

paint the town red 飲みに出かけ 派手に騒ぐ
ex) We painted the town red in big pre-Christmas night out.
クリスマス前に 皆で飲みに出かけ 派手に騒いだ

paint the town red /ˈpeɪnt/: go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly
ex) We would be out there again painting the town red earning yet another one of those hangovers.

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sip すする(ように飲む)
ex) Sip and savor your wine.

sip /ˈsɪp/: to drink (a liquid) slowly by taking only small amounts into your mouth
ex) She sipped her coffee while she watched the sun rise.

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アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #1,018

binge drink (酒類を)一気飲みする
ex) Frequent binge drinking can lead to a host of side effects.
頻繁な 一気飲みは 様々な副作用につながる

binge drink /ˈbɪnʤ/: to drink a great amount of alcohol in a single setting, rather than to drink less but over a longer period of time.
ex) Alcohol binge drinking prevalence continues to rise, particularly among individuals ages 18 to 24.

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well oiled 酒を飲んで 酔っぱらう
ex) I was well-oiled and couldn’t walk alone.

well-oiled [ˌwelˈɔɪld]: drunk
ex) I was pretty well oiled that evening.

well oiled には 酔っぱらう の他、順調に進んでいる の意味もあります

アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 2,000

Casual English Phrases – #1,019

well-oiled 調子の良い順調に進んでいる
ex) A well-oiled company operates without problems.
効率のよい 会社は 問題なく 事業を展開する

well-oiled /ˌwel ˈɔɪld/: operating with efficiency
ex) The ruling party is well-oiled political machine.

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drink to the last drop 飲み干す
ex) Drink the beer to the last drop.
ビールを全部 飲み干して

drink to the last drop /ˈdrɑːp/: drink up
ex) Drink the cup down to the last drop!

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アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 2,000

Casual English Phrases – #1,020

hit the sauce 酒びたりになる = hit the bottle
ex) The actress has been spotted hitting the bottle pretty heavily in a bar.

sauce /ˈsɑːs/: alcoholic drinks
ex) He’s back on the sauce.
= He’s drinking alcohol again.

□ lay off the sauce   酒を断つ 
ex) He just couldn’t lay off the sauce.
彼は 本当にお酒が止められない

lay off the sauce /ˈsɑːs/: stop drinking alcohol
ex) He’s been off the sauce and stayed sober for a month now.

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