Come out in the Wash – Work Out Fine -「良い結果に終わる」 – アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 2,000

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Come out in the Wash – Work Out Fine -「良い結果に終わる」を英語で表現

アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語 2,000 へ GO!

アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語 2,000 へ GO!

アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 2,000

Casual English Phrases – #037

come out in the wash (結果的に)うまくいく、(最終的に)良い結果に終わる
ex) Don’t be upset. It will all come out in the wash.
慌てないで。 最終的には 全てうまくいくから

come out in the wash /ˈwɑːʃ/: to have a good or satisfactory result
ex) Whatever the mayor is trying to cover up, it’ll all come out in the wash.

* Come out in the wash/rinse は、(洋服の汚れが 取れるように)最終的には ポジティブな結果が出る の意味を持ちます。

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come out right(行動などの結果が)うまくいく
ex) I tried all the advice. But boiled eggs never come out right.
もらったアドバイス 全てを試したけれど、ゆで卵が うまくできない

come out right /ˈraɪt/: to have a good result or desirable level of quality
ex) I hope my photographs come out all right.

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work out fine  (最終的には)素晴らしい結果となる
ex) In the end, everything worked out fine for you.
最終的には 全て君の望む結果が出るよ

work out fine /ˈfaɪn/: work well enough to convey satisfaction
ex) It’s gonna work out fine.

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turn out to be … 最終的にになる
ex) The play turned out to be a success.
その劇は 最終的に 成功を収めた

turn out to be /ˈtɚn/: used to say that something or someone eventually becomes something or is found to have a particular identity, quality, ability, etc.
ex) I hope I turn out to be right.

turn out well 最終的には うまくいく
ex) The project was quite a mess at first, but in the end it turned out well.
当初は混乱が生じたが、最終的に プロジェクトはうまくいった

turn out well /ˈtɚn/: = It was good at the end.
ex) This cake turned out well.

outturn (生産量)結果成り行き
ex) We have successfully managed our cost and expect a good outturn for the full year.

outturn \ ˈau̇t-ˌtərn \: a quantity produced
ex) The whisky was released in 2004 with an outturn of just 2400 bottles.

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アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語 2,000 へ GO!

アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語 2,000 へ GO!

アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 2,000

Casual English Phrases – #038

end on a bright note 最終的には 良い結果に終わる
ex) The campaign ended on a bright note.
キャンペーンは最終的には 良い結果に終わった

on a bright note /ˈnoʊt/: used to state something as a positive happening, especially when most of the matter spoken or written is negative.
ex) We aren’t exchanging gifts this year because the economy is so bad. On a brighter note, John has finally found a job.

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Advanced English Expressions – #004

□ spell   良くない結果となる
ex) Their carelessness could spell trouble for all of us.
彼らの 不注意な状態は 私たち皆に 問題をもたらすであろう

spell /ˈspɛl/: to have or lead to (a particular result or effect)
ex) Her boss’s resignation spelled the end to her troubles.
= Her troubles ended when her boss resigned.

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□ be brought about by …   …の結果もたらされる
ex) The crisis were brought about by many factors.
その危機は 多くの要因により 引き起こされた

bring about /ˈbrɪŋ/: to cause something to happen.
ex) We’re concerned that the merger will bring about layoffs

□ findings        (pl.) 調査結果
ex) He published his findings in a medical journal.
医学専門誌で 調査の結果を 公表した

finding /ˈfaɪndɪŋ/ the results of an investigation
ex) The findings are the research questions that you found answers for during your research.

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courtesy from Merriam – Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

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