Shoot for the Moon – 「困難に敢えて挑戦する」 – を英語で表現 – アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 1,000

Shoot for the Moon – 「困難に敢えて挑戦する」を英語で表現

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アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #960

shoot for the moon 困難に敢えて挑戦する最高峰を目指す
ex) I always shoot for the moon in my work.
いつも 仕事では 困難に直面しながら、最高峰を目指している

reach/shoot for the moon /ˈʃuːt/: to try to do or get something that is very difficult to do or get
ex) Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.

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when things are difficult 困難な時に
ex) It is possible to experience joy even when things are difficult.

difficult /ˈdɪfɪkəlt/: requiring great or extreme bodily, mental, or spiritual strength
ex) I’ve had difficult times since losing my job.

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Casual English Phrases – #961

stick out (困難の中)最後までやり抜く
ex) She stuck the job out for the remainder of the summer.
彼女は 夏の残りの日々を使って、仕事を最後まで やり通した

stick out /ˈstɪk/: to continue doing (something unpleasant or difficult)
ex) Though the home team was down by 20 points, a few fans stuck it out [=stayed and watched the game] until the very end.


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Casual English Phrases – #017

stick one’s neck out あえて危険を冒す困難に立ち向かう
ex) He’s not afraid to stick his neck out to help people he thinks are being mistreated.
彼は 不遇の人たちに役立つため あえて危険を冒した

stick your neck out /ˈstɪk/: to do or say something you think is important even though it may have bad results
ex) I respect my boss because she will stick her neck out against unfair policies.

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trying times   試練の時
ex) Be more cautious when faced with trying times.

trying times /ˈtraɪ/: hard times
ex) This is The best way to deal with trying times.

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hard times 厳しい時期困難の時
ex) I’ll help you get through hard times.

hard times /ˈhɑɚd/: a period of difficulty or hardship, especially financial hardship
ex) We had a hard time getting here.

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