Roll one’s Eyes – 「あきれる、呆れる」- 英語表現 4,000

Roll one’s Eyes – 「あきれる、呆れる」を英語で表現

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Casual English Phrases – #001

roll one’s eyes あきれる
ex) He rolled his eyes at her suggestion.
彼女の提案に あきれた

ex) Girls roll their eyes when adults poke a sore spot.
少女たちが 大人たちに 痛い所を突かれた時に 黒目を上げる表情 (Eye-rolling) を見せる

roll one’s eye /ˈroʊl/: to cause (your eyes) to look up toward the sky in an expression which shows that you think someone or something is foolish or annoying
ex) Don’t you roll your eye at me!

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one’s eyes roll あきれる
ex) Her eyes rolled when he told her his idea.

 My eyes rolled. = I rolled my eyes.

eye-rolling あきれるような
ex) I used to be an eye-rolling teenager.
昔は あきれるような 10代の子供であった

ex) Eye-rolling as a sign of contempt only became a way to signal disapproval in the past few decades.
軽蔑 の意を表す 黒目を上に 上げる Eye-rolling が用いられるようになってから 数十年しか経っていない

eye-rolling /ˈroʊl/: the action of rolling one’s eyes, typically as an expression of exasperation, disbelief, or disapproval.
Eye-rolling has been defined as a passive-aggressive response to an undesirable situation or person.

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Advanced English Expressions – #002

consternation 驚愕、仰天
ex) Full of consternation at first, now we believe we overcome the hardship.
最初は 驚愕したが、今では その困難を乗り越えられると 信じている

consternation /ˌkɑːnstɚˈneɪʃən/: a strong feeling of surprise or sudden disappointment that causes confusion
ex) The candidate caused consternation among his supporters by changing positions on a key issue.

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