Be in a Pickle – 「困る・困難」 – アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 1,000

Be in a Pickle – 「困る・困難」 を英語で表現

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アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #057

be in a pickle    困る
ex) I’m in a bit of pickle, could anyone help me out?

pickle /ˈpɪkəl/: an unpleasant or difficult situation
ex) We’re in a pretty pickle now because the hotel gave our room away.

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be in a fix 困る、苦境にある
ex) Our company is financially in a fix.

in a fix /ˈfɪks/: If someone is in a fix, they are in a difficult or dangerous situation.
ex) Whenever he is in a fix, I’ll help him out.

アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #058

kettle of fish (気まずさ、恥ずかしさによる)困った状況厄介な事
ex) You shared a table with someone unknown for an hour. That was a fine kettle of fish.
見ず知らずの人と 1時間相席したんだ。 困った状況だったね

kettle of fish /ˈkɛtl̟/: troublesomely awkward or embarrassing situation
ex) What a kettle of fish this is!
= What a difficult affair this is to deal with!

another kettle of fish 別物、別の問題 = different kettle of fish
ex) We’ll buy a new car and have our second baby, but that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

another kettle of fish: a very different matter or issue, not necessarily a bad one.
ex) We might donate 10 dollars but give 300 dollars would be a different kettle of fish.

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Have one’s Back Against the Wall - 「窮地に陥る・困難」 - アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 2,000
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Casual English Phrases – #049

have one’s back against the wall    窮地に陥る
ex) The wall that I have my back against has not moved at all.

have (one’s) back against the wall /əˈgɛnst/ : To be in a bad situation in which one’s ability to act is limited.
ex) I’m sorry but my back is against the wall now.

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