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Home Appliance – White Goods -「家電・白物家電」を英語で表現

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home appliance 家電
ex) Most major household appliances usually last between eight and 15 years.
主要な家電は 8年から 15年 使用できる

appliance /əˈplajəns/: a machine (such as a stove, microwave, or dishwasher) that is powered by electricity and that is used in people’s houses to perform a particular job
ex) The terms home appliances and household appliances are in common usage in the US to refer to large appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers and air conditioners?

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white goods 白物家電
ex)Appliances (also called white goods) may not be disposed of in North Dakota landfills by state law.
白物家電と呼ばれる 電化製品は、州法により、ノースダコタ州 の埋め立て地で、処分することはできない

white goods /ˈwaɪt/: large home appliances such as stoves (British: cookers), refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, tumble driers
ex) Find a wide selection of high quality, energy efficient white goods.

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dispose of …  … を処理処分する
ex) If you need to dispose of a large quantity of home appliances, contact us.

dispose /dɪˈspoʊz/ : to throw (something) away
ex) The appliance was not properly disposed of.

brown goods (テレビや ステレオなど 木目調の)家電
ex) Brown Goods means generally larger, non-portable electronic goods that have some circuitry.
茶物家電は、一般的に 大きく、持ち運びのできない電化製品で、電子回路が内蔵されている

brown goods /ˈbraʊn/ : referring to merchandise in the consumer electronic audiovisual field, such as televisions, radios, stereo sets, etc
ex) Brown goods are durable consumer goods that aren’t mechanical.

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circuitry 電子回路
ex) The circuitry in this computer is protected from power surges.
このコンピュータの電子回路は、電力サージから 保護されている

circuitry /ˈsɚkətri/: a system or group of electric circuits
ex) A device or electronic circuitry that converts a large amount of stored electrical energy into light by means of a sudden electrical discharge.

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washing machine 洗濯機
ex) How much space is required around a washing machine?
洗濯機の回りに どれ位のスペースが必要ですか?

washing machine /məˈʃiːn/: a machine used for washing clothes
ex) If your clothes washer is stuck on one cycle, replace the timer.

washer 洗濯機
ex) I put several clothing items in the washer.
洗濯機に 衣類を入れた

washer /ˈwɑːʃɚ/: washing machine
ex) We bought a new washer and dryer.


TV set テレビ
ex) Wide-screen format tops the list of TV set features in greatest demand.

television set /ˈtɛləˌvɪʒən/: a piece of equipment with a screen that receives images and sounds sent by television
ex) The TV set is an integral part of any modern home’s interior.

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