Catastrophe – Fiasco – 「失敗する・大失敗」 – を英語で表現 – アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 1,000

Catastrophe – Fiasco – 「失敗する・大失敗」を英語で表現

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Advanced English Expressions – #475

catastrophe 大失敗大惨事
ex) The food was cold, the guests quarreled—the whole dinner was a catastrophe.
料理は冷たく、ゲストは喧嘩を始めて… 夕食会は全てが大失敗であった

catastrophe /kəˈtæstrəfi/: utter failure
ex) The party was a catastrophe.

catastrophic 悲惨な破局の
ex) When the stock market crashes, it’s a catastrophic event for investors.
株価が暴落した時、投資家にとっては 大惨事である

catastrophic /ˌkætəˈstrɑːfɪk/ extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful
ex) The effect of the war on the economy was catastrophic.

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make a false move 行動を誤る
ex) We can’t afford to make any false moves once we’re in enemy territory.
一度 敵の陣地に入ってしまえば、行動を誤る事は 許されない

false move /ˈfɑːls/: an act or action that can cause trouble or damage
ex) If the bus driver had made one false move, we would have skidded off the icy road.

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Casual English Phrases – #979

one false move 一歩間違えると
ex) If we make one false move now, we’re liable to lose the house we’re bidding on.
ここで一歩間違えると 私たちは 入札中の 家を 失う恐れがある

one false move /ˈfɑːls/: an action that threatens to worsen an already precarious situation.
ex) We didn’t call the police because the robber said he’d hurt anyone who made a false move.

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□ go to the wall  (英) 失敗する打ち負かされる
ex) Our business has gone to the wall.
事業は 完全に失敗した

go to the wall /ˈwɑːl/: to fail because of a lack of money
ex) Even quite big companies are going to the wall these days.

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fizzle (出だしは良かったが その後)失敗に終わる
ex) The project ended up fizzling.
そのプロジェクトは 失敗に終わった

fizzle /ˈfɪzəl/: to fail, esp. after a successful beginning
ex) The new product got the attention of people but soon fizzled out.


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Casual English Phrases – #665

fizzle out 徐々に消える
ex) However, the expectation fizzled out when he did not make any announcement on the matter.
しかしながら 彼がその件について 何も コメントしなかった時、期待感は 消えてしまった

fizzle out /ˈfɪzəl/: to gradually fail or end
ex) You could almost hear our anticipation fizzling out to nothing as the doors remained shut for several minutes afterwards.

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Casual English Phrases – #980

□ fiasco     (大)失敗
ex) The party turned into a complete fiasco.
パーティは 完全な失敗となった

fiasco /fiˈæskoʊ/: a complete failure or disaster
ex) His plans turned into a fiasco.

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Casual English Phrases – #113

flop 失敗する、へまをする
ex) All of their attempts have flopped miserably.

flop /ˈflɑːp/: to fail completely
ex) The play flopped. [=(US) bombed]

flop 失敗、へま
ex) The new comedy was a flop.
新しいコメディは 失敗作だ

flop /ˈflɑːp/: a complete failure
ex) The movie was a total flop.

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