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Drop the Ball – 「失敗、へま」

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Casual English Phrases – #112

□ drop the ball    失敗する
ex) It’s OK to drop a ball, and pick it back up later.
失敗しても 後でやり直せばよい

drop the ball: to make a mistake especially by not doing something important
ex) I think the mayor dropped the ball by not hiring more police officers.

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shipwreck 完全な失敗、挫折
ex) His marriage was a shipwreck.
彼の結婚は 完全な失敗であった

shipwreck /ˈʃɪpˌrɛk/: the destruction or sinking of a ship at sea
ex) Only a few sailors survived the shipwreck.

Casual English Phrases – #113

flop 失敗する、へまをする
ex) All of their attempts have flopped miserably.

flop /ˈflɑːp/: to fail completely
ex) The play flopped. [=(US) bombed]

flop 失敗、へま
ex) The new comedy was a flop.
新しいコメディは 失敗作だ

flop /ˈflɑːp/: a complete failure
ex) The movie was a total flop.

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Casual English Phrases – #085

clunker (完全な)失敗
ex) That joke was a real clunker.

clunker /ˈklʌŋkɚ/: something that is a complete failure
ex) The director’s recent films have all been clunkers.

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