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be Taken Aback – 「驚く、びっくりする」

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Casual English Phrases – #110

be taken aback 驚くびっくりする不意を突かれる
ex) We were taken aback by his irrational opinions.
彼の 非合理的な 意見に驚かされた

ex) I was a little taken aback at the directness in his speech.
彼の 話しの 単刀直入さには 少々驚いた

taken aback /əˈbæk/: startled, astonished, shocked, or disconcerted.
ex) When I told him my answer, he seemed taken aback.

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take … abackを驚かせる、…の不意を突く
ex) It took me aback to know that he was starting a new business.

take aback /əˈbæk/: surprise, shock
ex) He was taken aback by her caustic remark.

stagger 驚かせる
ex) It staggers us that our superior has left the issue untouched.
上司がその問題に 手を付けないでいるごことに驚いている

ex) I staggered everyone by suddenly announcing my engagement.

stagger [ˈstaɡər]: astonish or deeply shock
ex) I was staggered to find it was six o’clock

アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #111

staggering 驚くべき驚くほどの
ex) He spent staggering amount of money.
彼は 驚くほどの額の金銭を 消費した

staggering[ˈstaɡəriNG]: deeply shocking; astonishing.
ex) A staggering 80 percent of college students do not report the crime to police.

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startle 驚かせる
ex) I was startled to see the broken car moving so fast.
その壊れた車が 速く走るのを見て 驚いた

startle /ˈstɑɚtl̟/: to surprise or frighten (someone) suddenly and usually not seriously
ex) The noise startled me.

startling 驚きの
ex) One of the most startling facts about U.S. jails is that more than half of their occupants are awaiting trial.
アメリカの刑務所の 驚くべき事実の一つは、半数以上の収監者が 裁判待ちであるということだ

startling /ˈstɑɚtl̟ɪŋ/: very surprising, shocking, or frightening
ex) He made a startling discovery/revelation.

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