Laid Up With – 「病気で寝込む・横になる」 – を英語で表現 – アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 1,000

Laid Up With – 「病気で寝込む・横になる」を英語で表現

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アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #313

be laid up withで寝込む
ex) Are you laid up with a bad cold?
ひどい風邪で 寝込んでいるのですか?

lay up /ˈleɪ/: to stay at home or in bed because of illness or injury
ex) The flu laid him up for two weeks.

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lay down 寝る横になる
ex) I need to lay down as my head is pounding.
頭痛がするので 横になりたい
lay down: to fully recline, as on a bed or couch; to get into a horizontal position
ex) She said she didn’t sleep well last night and went upstairs to lay down.

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lie down 横になる
ex) Lie down on the bed until you feel better.
気分が良くなるまで 横になっていて

lie down /ˈlaɪ/: assume a reclining position;
ex) The sick man lay in bed all day.


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lie back   あおむけに座る(横たわる)、リラックスする
ex) The doctor asked him to lie back on the table.
医者は テーブルの上で 仰向けになるように 指示した

lie back /ˈlaɪ/: to lean backward from a sitting position to a flat position
ex) Just lie back, get comfortable, and tell me what’s been on your mind lately.

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off-color 気分体調が悪い
ex) I felt off-color but did not have any dramatic symptoms.
体調が悪かったが 明確な症状はなかった

off–color /ˈɑːfˈkʌlɚ/: feeling somewhat ill
ex) He has been off-color for a few days.

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Casual English Phrases – #931

off-color (冗談など)きわどい
ex) I hate his off-color jokes.
彼の 不適切な冗談が嫌いだ

off–colour /ˈɑːfˈkʌlɚ/: indecent or improper
ex) We were shocked by his off-color [=rude, offensive] remarks.

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come down with …  (病気に)かかる、(病気で)倒れる
ex) I’m coming down with a cold.
come down with (an illness) /ˈkʌm/: to begin to have or suffer from (an illness)
ex) She came down with [=contracted] measles.

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